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Healthy Christmas Snacks for SA kiddies

Hello all unicorn loving, fairy chasing, weird and wonderful souls,


Me again! The inspiration hit me and I went searching for some healthy snacks for the little ones that we can give them over Christmas. Being in South African we have a lot of fruit options, so I’m going to make the best of it. Sky loves fruit so there will be no complaining. Not so sure about the cousins, they might not appreciate the ‘no sweets, no refined sugar’ policy. But I’m sure they will enjoy it as well. (Here’s the teaching by example thing again. Not going to say anything, just give them the snacks and let them decide if they like it or not).


I found some really cute ideas. And we all eat with our eyes first, so I’m sure they will go down very well.

Strawberry Santas

How cute are they???

b8dbcec8a7f0680f36ae833c14c2905a   Pic taken from


Grape christmas tree

I will make these just before the time, otherwise they will go soft in the heat very quickly

Healthy-Christmas-Preschool-Party-Snack Pic taken from

Banana Santas

I think if you put some reindeer horns on it will look like reindeer as well, so try putting some pretzels on as horns.

128226f81bd85e95d628d19107a9fda9 Pic taken from Pinterest

Frozen yogurt with fruit

I love love love these. I will make LOTS of them this Summer

feature-header9 Pic taken from


Watermelon Stars

How cute! Just take a cookie cutter and go wild with your own designs

large Pic from


I will place some more goodies in my next post.




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