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On Christmas gifts and more

I can’t believe we are talking Christmas gifts already!!! But yes we are. I’m going to be searching for some options that is not only fun to play with, but also will stimulate the little one’s minds and keep them busy for ages. Because we all know they play with the box in anyway.


I’m going to start with Kiddie Calm – just because I sell it and trust the product and our new range is here and they sell out very quickly. The one set has snow fizz in it. Sky LOVES LOVES LOVES her snow. She plays for hours. It’s like you don’t have a toddler in the house and THAT is worth paying for. When she wakes up in the morning she asks to go play with her water / snow before we got her to the potty or gave her food. So I know it’s worth it. The texture of the snow is awesome. I play with her and it’s so soft and the smell is lovely.


This year they added a kiddies splash pool and sea creatures. Well that’s my Christmas prezzies sorted!


Orders can be placed by Tel. 0814715425 or Email: And I can’t stress enough that they do sell out quickly. Last year I ordered and when I wanted to buy more they were sold out. I won’t make that mistake again!





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