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Desperate times calls for desperate measures

Well I think the I don’t see it as much as desperate measures as what hubby sees it, but we have decided to take Abby to the chiropractor. I have done a lot of research and I’ve only hear positives about the practice. It helps with reflux, colic etc. We need to help her, I really feel so sorry for her. She’s in a lot of pain and now that we have the milk sorted out we know it’s the reflux that needs sorting out next. She’s sleeping so much better on the new milk but she would just scream all of a sudden. A horrible, painful scream. It breaks my heart.

We do feel a lot more positive about everything. It seems like we are making progress and the ultrasound and urine tests came back and everything is perfect. Now we at least know what we are dealing with and know that it can be handled or at least outgrown.


Here’s a link that I found very helpful: 10 Reasons why parents should take their babies to the chiropractor




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