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This mother thing

What a hell of a ride this mother thing is. Two little ones under the age of two is just, well, NUTS! Sky, my 2 year old has very bad allergies and it seems to be acting up again. We are taking her hair for testing to make sure exactly what is the problem. Then Abby, my 5 week old has milk allergies. Not intolerance, just plain, wild, crazy allergies to milk and soya. She swells up like a balloon every time I feed her. Thank goodness for a great pediatrician! He put her on a special formula as from yesterday and it seems like we have a totally different child. She’s so much calmer and her sleep is better and deeper.

I must say this weather is not helping at all. Everything is damp and Sky’s chest is sounding horrible. After her ‘episode’ we are so careful to not let it get out of hand again. But I also refuse to keep her on antibiotics the whole time. I found a ‘natural antibiotic’ and it seems to be helping a bit.

My c-section wound is still very sensitive and I’m getting really impatient. I want to start a food garden (we have MORE than enough space to do so) but I’m not really mobile yet. I can’t wait to have my own fresh produce. I’ve been planning and researching and potatoes, carrots and herbs are first on my list…

I’m planning on posting a few articles on allergies / natural remedies etc on my Facebook page. You are welcome to join us on Organic Mommies SA Facebook Page


Through this all my friends and family has been asking if I’m coping. And the answer is, yes. I’m okay. I hate seeing my children sick and I am crying with them when I just feel so helpless to help them. But I am a ‘okay this is the problem, let’s fix it while laughing about the ridiculousness of the situation’ type of girl. And I really have a lot to laugh about at this stage..



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