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What do we feed our children?

Yes yes I know it’s a tricky and touchy subject. I’ve seen some epic online fights about this. We have the group that believes we can give our children whatever they want to eat, it won’t be on the market if it’s not safe and that the other group is just being fussy and ‘hipsters’.. Then the other group, of which I’m part of, that believes that all this coloring and preservatives and ‘stuff’ that we can’t pronounce can’t be good for our children. I’ve always thought this way but I then you see everybody giving their kids sweets and your poor child is nibbling on an apple and you give in. But giving in almost killed my almost 2 year old last week. The allergies became so bad that it caused an airway infection. We didn’t pay attention to it as the allergies always gives her a bad chest and runny nose. Wednesday her fever spiked without any warning and she had a seizure. On our way to ER she stopped breathing in my arms. All my mother instincts kicked in and I kept blowing in her face. It was the scariest moments of my life and I will not go through that again. My child’s safety is more important than giving her sweets.


So call me a hippie, a hipster or just plain weird – I’m on a mission to find healthier options for all of us. I’m lactose intolerant and so is our 4 week old baby. My husband is lactose intolerant, allergic to gluten and sugar. So we have to eliminate so much out of our diets. And then I’m not even mentioning the fact that hubby and toddler are both SUCH fussy eaters. Both think veggies are some foreign object that will kill them in digested. So this mommy has her hands full. I’ve been sneaking some veggies into toddler’s meals, just need to find a way to sneak it into hubby’s food as well. I’m working on it, watch this space.



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