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Some fun ideas thanks to Happy Hooligans

Thank you to Happy Hooligans

8 Gorgeous Homemade Wind Chimes for Kids to Make

Here in my daycare, we love decorating the yard with homemade wind chimes, whirligigs and garden ornaments. We make at least one whimsical outdoor ornament every year.  Sometimes, we hang hang them in our outdoor backyard play space, and other times, the children take them home and give them to their parents for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Today I’m sharing 8 of my favourite homemade wind chimes for kids to make. As always, our creations are easy and inexpensive because we make them with recyclables or items from nature, or things we already have around the house.  Hopefully these ideas will inspire you and your kids to add a splash of colour and whimsy to your backyard this spring.

8 awesome homemade wind chimes for kids to make - Happy Hooligans

 Click on the images or the links below to see the details for each project.

8 Homemade Wind Chimes for Kids to Make

coffee can cd wind chimes

This coffee can wind chime makes a great gift for a parent or grandparent who loves coffee and music.


DIY Windchimes from recycled plastic Gatorade bottle

We had so much fun making this recycled wind chime out of a plastic bottle and a handful of crafting odds and ends.   It’s been hanging in our backyard for a year, and it still looks gorgeous.


easy rainbow stick wind chimes - happy hooligans

These rainbow wind chimes are my all-time favourite homemade wind chimes.  They hung from a branch in our tree for 3 years before we finally retired them.



A recycled Pringles windsock looks lovely blowing in the breeze. You’ll love how easy it was to attach the ribbons!


Summer Stars Homemade Garden Ornament

Don’t you love a simple craft that’s totally gorgeous?  That’s the case with our Summer Stars.  This is such an easy way to add some charm to a corner of a deck or patio.


pine cone wind chime

Make a charming, natural wind chime by stringing pinecones from a branch.



Turn a couple of water bottles into a whirligig that bounces and spins in the wind.



And lastly, add a festive touch to your deck or patio for the 4th of July with our simple twig ornament.

8 homemade wind chimes kids can make



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