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Why it takes me an hour to make 2 slices of toast

How to make toast in the Muston household.

  1. Takes bread and put in toaster
  2. Turn around to see Abby standing in front of the fridge. Demanding ice cream for breakfast.
  3. Hand her the ice cream
  4. She licks it. Puts in down on floor.
  5. I go pick up ice cream and put back in freezer for later
  6. I realize she is naked. Go search for where she peed on the floor. Find pee in my room. Clean the floor
  7. Go take the toast out of toaster.
  8. Sky pops in, see toasts and takes it
  9. I turn around to see Abby grabbing cookies from other cupboard. I give her 2
  10. Puts new bread in toaster
  11. Abby puts cookies down on floor.
  12. Abby demands pear
  13. Hands her pear
  14. Send both girls to lounge to sit and eat their food.
  15. Turn to toaster
  16. Takes toast out.
  17. Hear girls fighting in lounge. Go to them. They are fighting about one praying to the other one’s God and that is SOOOOO UNFAIR.
  18. Lesson in “God lives in everybody’s heart who wants Him there, He is everbody’s God not just yours. We share God”.
  19. Go to kitchen. Toast is cold, but Abby follows me and takes my toast
  20. I put more bread in toaster.
  21. Abby demands cookies with sprinkles. I say no. Followed by a 10 min tantrum.
  22. Sky demands more food while Abby gets off the floor to go get my WIFI headphones because ‘her sister is so damn loud’.
  23. Sister accepts challenge and starts screaming as loud as she can at headphone wearing Abby.
  24. I scream at them and throw them out of my kitchen.
  25. I put spread on my toast.
  26. I go sit to eat my toast.
  27. Abby takes toast and walks off
  28. Screw this, I can loose some weight in anyway.

This is a very very real story. I wish I made it up.



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Day 1 of our kefir journey

Okay if you are desperate, you try anything and everything. So if kefir will help Abby to feel better an be better, that is what we are doing. I have been doing some research and it seems like no matter what your opinion on Autism and if it can be ‘cured’ or not, everybody agrees that the gut has a very strong link with emotions, coping with everyday life. And that is what she is just not doing at the moment – coping. I will be doing a separate post on water kefir itself tomorrow.

On Saturday I had to work at a market. She got so upset because I had to leave, she scratched marks all over me to try to hold on to her while hubby was pulling her off me. I was so upset I cried all the way to the market. The rest of the weekend did not go much better. My child is unhappy – all the time. She is angry all the time. It is not ‘normal’ for a 2 year old to always be angry or sad. She is just never happy. And I need to fix this. How – nobody knows. But I will try my best to find out. That is my main goal in life right now.

I had to make a very difficult decision, but we are closing the store ‘to the public’. I can’t even work from home. She is not coping with people in her space. And somebody came around to pick something up and he straight up told me – in front of her “nobody wants your kids under their feet”. My heart broke. She stood her ground and told him why he is still here. But ffs, my 2 year old don’t need to stand her ground against an old fart. I cried the rest of the day and then decided – her needs are more important that running this business. We are doing well with markets and online and the printing. We don’t need this in our lives.


We are adjusting her diet, starting OT and doing yoga. So yes, I am sorry I can’t have a social life right now, my life is making sure my child has as much of a normal life as possible. So send some love and light and prayers this way please. I am in desperate need of it.

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We all need to stop being ‘decent’

With the #metoo movement on everybody’s mind you would think that men will become more aware of their actions against women. Nope.

I have been thinking about writing this post since it happened, but I have been too upset about it. Just putting it down in words seemed “too much”. I have been upset that it happened. I was angry with myself for letting my guard down. I have been angry with myself for not standing up for myself….

Back story. Recently I have been at an event where I have been the photographer. I knew a few people at the event and I told my assistant (aka bodyguard) that he can go home and fetch me later. I was with “my people”. I went on with my work and as the night went on, made small talk with some of the guests at the event. For one split second I let my guard down and a person (one of “my people”) saw the opportunity when I came too close to his seat, to pull me onto him and make a vulgar statement to a total stranger whom I have been talking to at the time. I was in total shock. The guests were in shock. But nobody – including me, did anything. I just jumped off his lap and told him to do it to his wife and not me, and I walked off. My mind was racing, I have to be decent now… I am at work. I do not want to spoil the event for everybody. Don’t make a scene.

This is what we teach our children… Be polite. Be decent. ESP in public. Don’t make a scene. Don’t draw attention to you.

And I realized that night that this stops with me. My daughters do not need to be ‘decent’. I will not teach them that. If somebody makes you uncomfortable, say it. LOUD. Do not be ashamed to say how you feel. I will not raise little princesses, I will raise warriors. It is our job as mothers and fathers to teach our children to speak up, even if it means they are unpopular. Even if they ruin a whole event. Then we won’t have to have hastags to ‘come out’, we will be out. Loud, in these predators faces. Being decent little girls (and boys) are costing a whole generation their sanity. It stops here….

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Treasure hunt for toddlers

Our theme for the week is Treasure.

Bible theme: We are God’s treasure.

Shape: Rectangle

Letter X

X mark the spot in this case. It’s a horrible day in Port Elizabeth so keeping the 2 busy was not easy. Every time I would let them play a bit, I would turn around and they would be fighting over a tablet to play a game or watch Peppa Pig. So I decided to stick to the original plan and have a treasure hunt, but do it inside.

I took stickers and made X marks all over the house. Marking them nr 1, 2 etc. I had them following the trail until they reached the treasure. They had so much fun running around the house looking against walls, under cupboards, against the stove etc.

It all led them to a treasure box (a pretty handbag I have) filled with random toys they have not seen before (or very long ago and forgot about it)


When hubby got home they could not wait to show him the trail and the treasure.

After they played with it a bit I explained to them how God searches for us if we are lost and how happy He is when He finds us.

I also made them look at the X and pulled it apart, showing them how the X is made out of 2 rectangles.

Before bed time we asked them what they remembered about the lessons and they told us that they are God’s treasures.

We also watched (well I tried to let them watch) a VegieTales about pirates. See here —-> The Pirates who don’t do anything 

All and all a good day 🙂

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Happy New Year Hats – free printable

Happy New Year!! Hope you all have a blessed year filled with love, laughs and lots of crafts!

We started the new year with some party hats we made – even hubby joined in and everybody made their own one (I cut and put them together)

I printed some coloring pages out. Find theme here: free_New Years Coloring Party Hats


After coloring, I just stuck them together. I could not find elastic anywhere (found it this morning in plain sight!) so we used ribbon.

Tada! Party hats!

I hope everybody goes into this year with a fresh spirit and a ‘I can do this’ attitude. I sure need some positive vibes!

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Platters for picky eaters

I am basically at a point that if the 2 year old wants cherries for breakfast, I just give it to her. With her SPD it is so difficult to get food in her. But it seems like ‘some’ days we are getting food in her by providing platters full of different options, rather than a plate of food. For some reason she hates eating out of her own plate. She will eat from the platter – or out of my plate.

I prefer healthier options off course, but I realize that she will have some viennas (hotdogs) or cold meats. So I offer two platters, one with fruit and one with cold meats. She gets desperately needed food in her and I don’t have to fight her the whole time. We just leave the platter out for her most of the time. When she feels like having more, she just opens it and takes what she wants from it. Yeah for us! This is a HUGE win. Some days it does not work at all, but we take those days as well.

In the fruit platter we have:




Carrots (shhht, don’t tell them it’s a veg)

(She likes apple so I filled two spots with apple, but usually I fill it with grapes or strawberries)

The meat platter I just had hotdogs (viennas) and cold meat plus some pineapple pieces

The finished the platter so WHOOOOOP!


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Family wins


This morning I woke up, went to the home office to print a t-shirt and then go to the shop to finish stock taking and work from 9 to 5. I went outside, 5 minutes later Abby woke up and my day just came to a total stand still. She wanted nobody but me. I handed her over to her dad so that I can finish the print. He went into the house with her (my office is about 15m from the house) but I could hear her going from a need for me into a full meltdown. I came running into the house to find her on the floor, blue in the face, her eyes swollen from crying and she just could not focus on anything else. I grabbed her and just held her. I had to make a decision right there on the spot that will change my life. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do this to her anymore. My child needs me. She has special needs and I can’t pretend that it’s not the case. I will have to make a lot more decisions like this in the future. For now I know that we either have to turn our shop into an online shop only or get a temp to work 4 days a week. We are trying the last option for January. Let’s see how this go. But for me, my days in the actual shop is over for now. Her needs comes first. It’s been a good run, but I am mommy first, business owner second.

I will still run Geek World (will just do it from home) and I will still do very selective photoshoots and run Kleinskool Initiative for now. I am still deciding on the last two.